1 - Statement

Photo by Katharine Davies


Victoria’s striking vessel forms sit firmly within the studio pottery tradition. Whilst the shapes themselves are often quite remarkable, their intention remains utilitarian. It is through this conversation between purpose and form that the meaning of Victoria's work resonates.

"My work is an exploration of form through the language of the vessel. A vessel exists to be filled and emptied and my pieces are made with this purpose in mind, be it flowers or thoughts."

Victoria works in stoneware at a range of scales and each piece is hand-built, predominantly coiled. She uses strong contrasts between glazes and scarification in order to retain the movement of making, and to help describe and outline each form.

"I love the process of slowly building vessels from coils. It is partly the time taken in the making that brings me the most pleasure. The vessel emerges gradually over days and sometimes weeks. I find myself developing a powerful relationship with each curve and edge. Then suddenly, towards the end of this long process, the piece takes on a presence of its own. After hours of pummelling, cutting, scraping and smoothing, this thing, that was once just the air in front of me, looks back at me. It always takes me by surprise when this happens. I’m never expecting it and it always seems much more than of my own making. It’s a magnificent moment."

2 - Curriculum Vitae

 Photo by  Katharine Davies

 Photo by Katharine Davies


After teaching Ceramics for some years Victoria completed a Theory/ Practice MA in Applied Art and Visual Culture at the John Cass School of Art, London. She established her own Ceramics practice in 2001, and worked from Archway Ceramics in East London.

She exhibited widely and, in Autumn 2003, was selected as a professional member of the Craft Potters’ Association. She has also written extensively on the place of Ceramics in Contemporary Culture and has had articles published in Crafts Magazine and The Reflective Practitioner, edited by Linden Reilly.

Victoria appeared in The Ceramics Book, a collector's guide to British Studio Ceramics in 2006 as well as in subsequent editions in 2008 and 2012.

Today she works from her own studio in Dorset.


3 - Exhibition History

Photo by  Katharine Davies

June 2017, 50 Dorset Makers, Dorchester, Dorset

August - December 2016, Contemporary Ceramics Centre, London

October 2016, Sarah Sclater Art at Home, Dorset

May 2016, Dorset Art Weeks, Glenwood Studios, Longburton

December 2001 - 2014, Archway Ceramics, Open Studio, London

October 2011, Wandsworth Artists, London

July 2007, The Cup and Saucer Exhibition, Where I fell in Love Gallery

February 2006, Gallery 27, Cork Street, London

March 2006, The Where I Fell in Love Gallery, Warwickshire

August 2005, Art in Clay, Hatfield House, Hertfordshire

August 2004, Art in Clay, Hatfield House, Hertfordshire

December 2003, Hidden Art, Mile End Pavilion, London

August 2003, Art in Clay, Hatfield House, Hertfordshire

March 2003, Fragility, The Art House, Lewisham

December 2002, Hidden Art, Mile End Pavilion, London